Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wants to be a Good Cook.


"Untuk  menambat hati suami, jagalah perut dan z*****nya." 

Have you ever heard of this sentence? Sounds cliche, no? I guess its true. At the moment, I have no locus or knowledge to comment on the second part put in **** but the underlined part is emphasized -yeah COOKING~

I am not a good cook, I mean, I just know how to cook the meals that I love to eat i.e simple meals like Tomyam, Sup sayur, Butter Prawn, Ayam Masak Merah, Ayam Masak Halia, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Pulut2, Puding....and sort of. *Shame on me..oh just a very limited number of them! I am a species who will/stick to few kinds of my fav menu..I don't mind eating the same menu everyday pun..bukan sebab malas tapi kalau makanan tak sedap, even lapar pun I couldn't finish it.

Yeah its time to seriously starts learning & practising how to cook..especially those complicated meals that suits Iji's fav and liking. i.e KARI, GULAI etc etc. Yes, this is for the sake of life after marriage...and definitely, this is for you Iji. I will try my best to allocate time belajar masak, yeah sooner or later I have to, let's practice from now on! My free time would be weekends (if VeryLawa Scarves is not attended) or after working hours (kalau balik awal and kerja tak urgent untuk disiapkan) -ish banyaknye exclusion clause! erk..

My tok guru masak would be mom, nenek, makcik and internet pastinya. Oh including Iji himself. He's a good cook, at least, better than me. Sigh.

Lepas ni kalau balik kampung wajib menuntut at least satu jenis menu dengan nenek. Ketupat sotong feveret iji (and me too!) mesti mahir. The simplest menu i.e Ikan Singgang fav Iji's parents mesti expert *kalau tak malu besar!* Gulai kuning wajib tahu buat.

Need to learn all those basic first.

Kesimpulannya, aku kena belajar masak secara serius dan istiqamah mulai hari ini. I took this as a CHALLENGE to venture in since I have other babies to look after i.e VeryLawa, Work Stuff. to gain the strength again I called this motivation as the POWER OF LOVE.

First of all nak cari buku cantik untuk tulis all recipes yang yuyu dah cuba. dah ada satu e-book but only saved in handphone and lappy..

Kalau rajin I'll share and update my cooking kat sini.

One of my fav. Ok obviousssly kalau dalam polisterin tu..order and siap! ;p

Till then, xoxo.

P/S: Semangat berkobat-kobar nak memasak esp when Ramadhan is approching... :)

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