Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Veil Talk


Like it or not, nowadays, dengan fesyen yg moving very fast dan cukup meriah, munculnya satu scenario di mana baju tetamu tidak kurang hebat/cantik dengan baju pengantin. Yes truth hurts people!

The only magic that saves and differs the BRIDE and the GUESTs is VEIL! 
Jadi pastikan kamu pilih veil yang paling sesuai untuk dirimu. ceh ayat majalah. :P

Google image.

Here are some useful tips in choosing the right VEIL for you!

Copied from this website

Advice for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

1. Remember the veil is part of the Bridal outfit, not something that is ‘plonked’ on your head as an after thought.  
- agree!

2. Try lots of different styles and lengths of veil in different fabrics to find the one that best compliments  your  outfit.
- will do!

3. Don’t  have a heavily patterned veil with a very ornate dress as one will ‘fight’ with the other. 
- checked

4. Your guests should say ‘YOU look stunning’, not your outfit looks stunning’. 
- to work with! psst veil kenot overshadow tuannya ye! :P

5. Don’t have a veil that cuts across detail at the back of the dress.  Let the veil finish below the decoration.  Silk tulle is sheer enough to allow decoration to show through. 
- will do!

6. If you are petite, don’t  have a veil that swamps you such as a high bouffant veil. It will only make you look smaller - 

7. Think of adding colour eg. embroidery, to the veil to link in with your bridesmaids and/or bouquet. - 

8. A veil can transform the simplest dress into a stunning Bridal outfit. - 
wow, hopefully!

9. Don’t  forget to take your veil with you when you have your hair trial. 
- not applicable

10. If you are nervous of pressing your veil, ask the store where you bought it if they will steam it a couple of days before the wedding. You can transport it home covered in a pillow case or duvet cover depending on its length.
 - not applicable

11. Don’t wear something because you think you should, wear what YOU want.
 - definitely!

12. Don’t  make a decision about whether to wear a veil or not until you have tried some on  with  your dress.  A long veil can create a wonderful ‘aura’ around you. 
- noted! aura aura aura!

13. Don’t  forget you can have a veil made to measure just as you can a dress.  You can have  the exact length and decoration that YOU want. 
- checked!
14.You only wear a veil once so make the most of it and enjoy it! 
- definitely, agree!

I'm a big FAN of veil. It really boost my confidence level.
(helps to hide your 'back')

and some other copied from HERE

The great thing about being a bride today is that anything goes! Whether you want to do everything traditionally or just choose the style that looks best and suits your personality. The following are a few tips to help you in making your decision.

  • Choose a simple veil and headpiece if your dress is very ornate.

  • Consider the back detail of your dress. If you want to show off the back of the dress, you may want to choose a short veil (blusher or elbow length) a veil with less fullness to it (72″ width, pony veil, or the ballerina headband and side veil).

  • If your gown is very simple, you may want a very ornate headpiece and or veil to attract attention to your face.

  • Or if your gown is very simple and your style is very simple and elegant, you may also want to wear a simple headpiece and or veil with minor details.

  • Be confident in your decision! This is your day. If you feel confident, you’ll beam with beauty. Congratulations!
Happy preparing all!

p/s: Preparing for a WEDDING is exciting but very, very challenging! Every SINGE things from dresses to tiny things like pins has to be well prepared! Oh my...

Self reading - article of the week

Wedding Dress (and again)


Entri terbanyak di Pelabuhan Mimpi setakat ni, pasal wedding dress.
Akan terjadi selagi tak jumpa and consult dengan designer itu.
Please bear with me ^^

Im falling in love with this!
Dalam banyak2 wedding dresses LJ, yang ni TERpaling I suka!
and the veil, I rasa terberkenan sangat dengan veil tulle plain - gebus and simple.
Lepas baju siap baru boleh tempah veil.

Credit to @rizmanruzaini (Instagram)

Credit to @liyanajasmay (Instagram)

Lepas appointment ahad nanti, baru final gitu. hehe :)

What say you B2Bs?

Monday, February 25, 2013

76 hours.


In less than 3 days Iji will be leaving me for his 6 months course. I don't know how to face the 6 months span, just hoping that I can cope.

A pair of white Baju Melayu to congratulate him.
(compulsory for new trainee)

Gotta find ribbons, cards etc before hand it over.

Time flies too fast. Especially when we really need together-time for our W-Day Preparation. Jika diizinkan Allah untuk bersua lagi, earliest would be May Iji cuti nikah..semoga ia menjadi hari terpaling manis.

Good luck, all the best to my dearest Iji.
My prayer will always be with you.

Me LOVE u so much *tears*

P/S: Dearest Iji and self, always remember THIS

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Of Preps: Dais and MUA



Last weekend me and fiance balik kampung untuk survey and tempah our wedding dais. Takut kalau lambat, melepas (ni pun dah consider lambat). Not to underestimate, I just quite worried takut tak jumpa vendors or bridal boutique yang deco dais seperti yang I idamkan. I don't expect and dream much about dais sebab I tau area I memang susah nak dapatkan bridal yang buat modern dais as found in KL.

On Saturday morning kami survey dais accompanied by my aunt Kak Long. From Kuala Besut to Jerteh, 6 butik kami jejak..satu persatu album dibelek, sadly masih tiada yang berkenan di hati. I did show the pic of my desired dais, some said they can do it but my heart cant say yes as long as I didnt see the real work. I dont wanna scream 2 days before my big day for seeing a dais that doesn't meet my expectation.

In terms of pricing, at my place, dais memang murah, started from 600 pun ada tapi pesen lama. ye pesen dulu2 or yang sarat-sarat tu. :(

I have one targetted butik ni (get to know from iklan in Wedding Mag) tapi on that morning akak butik tu known as Kak She tak free...not to waste time, kami survey from one bridal to another.

Luckily at 3pm Kak She texted me she can spare sometime for us to discuss with her and tengok pelamin2 contoh. These are among Kak She's artworks;

 Credit to Kak She's Wedding
-my very first choice, really loved this one but OVERbudget. 2.5k dais only.
Skipped! hehe

 Credit to Kak She's Wedding

Credit to Kak She's Wedding

Rate of Kak She's dais starts from 1.5k.

What I can say is Kak She is the one we are looking for (we think alike)! She can easily get what I am trying to describe, how I want things to be like. She's very easy to deal with.

Afterall, her dais are mostly in-trend , modern and simple bertepatan dengan citarasa kami. Rasa legaaa sangat after jumpa K.She. Not to think twice, we deposited RM500 for booking fees. We are very lucky to be the last couple for May 2013. All other dates on May-Early June are fully booked - closed. 

Pelamin done (seriously sangat lega). Inspired by the outstanding Arma Couture's dais. 
More or less like this. Inspired je tau tak boleh copy bulat-bulat. if got the same chair....oh!*dreaming*
P/S: even prettier and perfect kalau rumah baru kami sempat siap...hopefully!


First and foremost Iji dah syaratkan untuk cari MUA perempuan sahaja, kening tak boleh diusik/cukur dan no fake eyelashes. Will be obeyed with big smile alhamdulillah he guides me (he always do)

Early this year I started contacting all MUA's suggested by my friends (after live-seeing their make up to other brides). For myself, I nak make up yang give me a natural look. I naik risau bila yang I contact kebanyakannya dah full until June. 25-31 May are hot dates, really! I do asked MUA area Kota Bharu yang mekapnya cantik tapi they only offer make up service for brides yang pilih pakej pelamin/baju and what not from their boutique. Meaning, they don't do make up only during peak seasons. Double headache.

I dah quite give up cari MUA and I decide untuk masuk kelas make up and buy all those make up stuff, do it on my own. Finally lepas jumpa K.She my problem selesai. I taknak fikir banyak , terus je book k.she for reception and bertandang event. I asked for trial make up tapi k.she said she dont do. Hence I totally depends on pictures of x-brides yang k.she mekapkan. I rasa ok, Iji pun ok. Booked!

Credit to K.Sha

Credit to K.She

Credit to K.She
She is Man Kajang's bride. Not sure sapa MUA nya, I took this photo in Abg Man's Instagram acc. 
Kalau sesuai with my face, I wanted to request this make up.

Overall, kami rasa sangat lega dah dapat tempah pelamin and MUA. Rasa berbaloi-baloi balik kampung even for 2 days only (biiznillah). Both dais and make up are vital things that 'play' with dates. Yang lain2 boleh settle sendiri insyaallah. Just for self reminder, after this I need to do the following:

1) Book Khemah
2) DIY Hantaran decor - survey and buy stuffs.
3) Shoes & Tudung Hunting
4) Cincin Nikah for Iji
5) DIY Room decor - got to do some research and go to Ikea. 
6) See the designer for reception's dress.
7) DOORGIFT - buy doorgift and DIY the decor- will be passed to younger sis hehe.

May Allah ease the way. Ameen

Just celebrated my birthday on Feb 23rd.
Pic taken at my kampung - breezy & windy!

Till our next date, take care and have a good day B2Bs! 


TIPS: Survey without having FIXED DESIGN in mind is much more easier. Likewise masa kami pilih warna wedding theme we went to Jakel first, tengok kain yang ada baru pilih warna and terus beli. With that, we just have to choose among those yang available - not fixed to our preferred design/colour. Having pictures of our dream dais can ease the vendor to read our mind and 'feel' our taste. Bring your iPad/Tab/Pictures together when seeing them. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

For Rent: E-Day Dress


My E-Day custom made dress is now up for rent.
Sayang nak let go sebab jatuh cinta yang amat dengan dress ni.
It was made of chiffon silk, satin silk and embellished with lace, swarovski and pearls.

Dress ni sesuai untuk petite i.e girls yang berketinggian 152cm ke bawah
dan berat about 40-45kg.

Colour: Turqouise Green-Blue
Material : All dry cleaned 
Embellishments: Left Shoulder, waist area and wrist.
Design: flowy empire dress + mushroom buttons at wrist parts.
Size: Fits XS to S
Bonus: Excellent workmanship. Sgt comfortable.
Condition: 8/10 
Best styled on your wedding day / dinner / e-day / outdoor or any other special occasions.


This dress alone (material + tailoring) costs me about RM760++ (exclude beadings)

RM 220 

(tudung & veil not available for rent)

Jauh lebih jimat daripada sewa dari butik and insyaAllah you all puas hati dgn dress ni. 
To those who were interested to rent kindly drop an email to me at
yuyuhakussoaziz@gmail.com or verylawa@gmail.com

Tolong sebar-sebarkan pada kawan2 anda yang bersaiz comel ye.
Thanks B2Bs!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Of Hantaran, Facebook, Instagram...and




I always wanted a beautiful wedding (everyone does!) and love doing the preparations but I don't have much obsession or excitement about HANTARAN thingy. When I posted about this 2 days ago in my social accounts, feed backs from friends and colleagues of our era prove that I'm not alone. 

If you wish to know more, just scroll down and do the reading :)

Posted this in FB & Instagram

and feedbacks;


 and facebook.

What's your opinion?

Monday, February 18, 2013

Gloomy Day


Rezeki, early this year Iji got a new job offer (Government) in KL. We both were extremely thankful and happy for this rezeki, alhamdulillah is the best we can say to Allah who knows best. Semua orang kata, rezeki nak kawen. 

Just now I'd made a phone call to the department where he supposed to report duty on March mere asking on details of the course he needs to undergo.

Sadly I was informed that he will be having an all-year-long course starting early March until end of 2013.

Like...what? Seriously?!

Prior to this, we just thought the course is just for 1 month or at most, 3 months only. An all-year long course would mean that we can no longer keep in touch for that very long duration of time. there will be no free weekend or day out unless with certain strong excuse / reason only.

Double sad.

I do asked about leave on reason of marriage, the officer said leave has to be applied at least 1 month before the marriage date; and the duration of leave will be solely depending on the higher authority's consideration. the longest in my imagination, is just 3 days. I don't wanna hope or expect for more.

Triple sad.

No more wedding preps together. There goes our honeymoon dream. There goes our plan to celebrate Ramadhan and Eid together, yet dream to perform tarawikh prayer together. and, many more...............

I cannot accept this but I have to. I don't know what to think of, hence straight away asking for postponement of date (or year?) but Iji insisted to go on. I know his reason and I love him even more for that.

How hard it is, I MUST face this.

I really, really need to build very much of inner strength in myself.

because iji said,
we have to go through this in the name of a bright future.

we just have less than 2 weeks before Iji was 'imprisoned'.

to Allah we leave it all.

at this moment...hilang terbang mood untuk buat wedding preps...Allah...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Of Preps: Wedding Attire Shopping


Salam all. :)

Alhamdulillah semalam dah settle bab shopping kain. Tak pening dah nak fikir kaler. 
Went to Jakel KL with fiance. Actually tak sangka dapat jugak shopping kain sama-sama. Before this I tak mengharap sangat to shop together since dia jauh dengan I tapi dah nak dekat-dekat nak kawen rezeki pulak Iji dapat better job offer in KL (anyhow still tak tau iji kena posting kat mana, mintak2 dekat area KL je)

Singggah makan dekat Umai dulu with my family.
Me styling Melly maxi dress by VeryLawa

 Hasil tangkapan dari jam 1.30 sampai 5 petang. 
Nasib baik K.Nor hepi je melayan since we all dah kenal lama.  

We chose pastel color for my side. zamrud for Iji's side.

Total damage semalam 1.6 k. Tu pun kami dapat designer's price sebab my mom pemborong tegar Jakel. 

Kain tandang pun dah beli sekali cuma untuk lining baju I and Iji's baju melayu belum beli sebab takde kaler. Zamrud susah sangat nak carik. I baru beli lace and chiffon. Uish ramai sangat orang kawen sampaikan stok kaler yang best-best pun dah banyak habis. Untungler Jakel! ;p 

Lepas beli kain kami terus pegi cari tailor untuk suit Iji. We choose Omar Ali depan masjid India. Upah dia ok la. Nanti 16 March boleh fitting.

Done that part, I legaaa sangat sebab baju reception my side dah siap beli. pasni nak kena shopping untuk lining bertandang, tudung & embellishments pulak.

Minggu depan I pegi beli ni juga. nanti family I semua pakai ni :)

I got to know dekat Plaza GM crystals, beads, pearls semua murah-murah (look for a high quality pearsl/beads/crystals). Betul ke? beza banyak tak dengan price dekat Kedai Bunga Reben? and swarovski ade tak kat Plaza GM? anyone got experience?

Till then, jumpa lagi :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Of preps: Wedding Dress (again)


Salam all. :)

Fuhh lama betul  i tak update pelabuhanmimpikita nih. So sorry tak sempat (cliche je kan) sebab i bz dengan work stuff and my side business HERE. Business, Law and Wedding are all my current addiction! Susahnya nak manage all by myself! ;(

Unluckily, in the midst of chasing all of those three priorities, I left out my wedding preps part. Sekarang bila tinggal kurang 3 bulan nak kawen I baru menggelabah! Ye, sangat-sangat gelabah! Paling I gelabah bab BAJU KAWEN. Once dah buat baju yang lain I think I can manage.


I have done nothing as yet. Yes nothing apart from RESEARCH here and there. Bab research on wedding dresses (the most important part of my wedding as emphasized earlier on) usah cakap memang thorough habis sampaikan i rasa boleh dah nak jadik fashion designer nih tinggal lagi tangan ni tak reti menjahit. hehehe. perasan!

I have thousands over gambar wedding dress yang cantik2 sampaikan family I pun dah pening sebab I selalu tanya pendapat they all which is which yang sesuai dengan I. Tu baru bab design, bab kaler pulak I pening jugak. Dah 2x i pegi Jakel sekadar untuk tengok2 kaler then I balik. I menci this character in myself, I am very very indecisive. Kalau bab guide orang, I can convince people..tapi bila I punya sendiri, I jadi haru! Kesian!

Takpelah, ni final ye. Terpaksa sebab dah last minute.

This weekend I nak pegi beli kain dah. Once that part is done, I can no longer change my mind anymore. Kena proceed je dengan that design, that colour. Apart from colour, yang paling penting untuk diambik kira ialah BENTUK BADAN. Ye, design yang cantik dekat orang lain tak semestinya cantik pada kita. 

I am petite. Height about 149cm and weight 43kg je.

kalau sebelum ni I nak empire cut dress sebab I taknak nampak kecik or kurus
 (more or less macam e-day dress i tapi version lagi kembang with added details)
sekarang I jatuh cinta dgn dress ni pula.
sape tak suke, ARMA punye design bikin ribut dalam hati! haha.

Ok ke kalau petite macam I pakai ni? and the colour? I suke tapi macam 'lari' sikit drp mindset I sejak dulu I nak wedding in pastel colours. heehehe. macam2 ! :P

Please bear with me...and OPINION PLEASE... :)

*pic credit to ARMA COUTURE.

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