Monday, February 25, 2013

76 hours.


In less than 3 days Iji will be leaving me for his 6 months course. I don't know how to face the 6 months span, just hoping that I can cope.

A pair of white Baju Melayu to congratulate him.
(compulsory for new trainee)

Gotta find ribbons, cards etc before hand it over.

Time flies too fast. Especially when we really need together-time for our W-Day Preparation. Jika diizinkan Allah untuk bersua lagi, earliest would be May Iji cuti nikah..semoga ia menjadi hari terpaling manis.

Good luck, all the best to my dearest Iji.
My prayer will always be with you.

Me LOVE u so much *tears*

P/S: Dearest Iji and self, always remember THIS

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