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Veil Talk


Like it or not, nowadays, dengan fesyen yg moving very fast dan cukup meriah, munculnya satu scenario di mana baju tetamu tidak kurang hebat/cantik dengan baju pengantin. Yes truth hurts people!

The only magic that saves and differs the BRIDE and the GUESTs is VEIL! 
Jadi pastikan kamu pilih veil yang paling sesuai untuk dirimu. ceh ayat majalah. :P

Google image.

Here are some useful tips in choosing the right VEIL for you!

Copied from this website

Advice for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Veil

1. Remember the veil is part of the Bridal outfit, not something that is ‘plonked’ on your head as an after thought.  
- agree!

2. Try lots of different styles and lengths of veil in different fabrics to find the one that best compliments  your  outfit.
- will do!

3. Don’t  have a heavily patterned veil with a very ornate dress as one will ‘fight’ with the other. 
- checked

4. Your guests should say ‘YOU look stunning’, not your outfit looks stunning’. 
- to work with! psst veil kenot overshadow tuannya ye! :P

5. Don’t have a veil that cuts across detail at the back of the dress.  Let the veil finish below the decoration.  Silk tulle is sheer enough to allow decoration to show through. 
- will do!

6. If you are petite, don’t  have a veil that swamps you such as a high bouffant veil. It will only make you look smaller - 

7. Think of adding colour eg. embroidery, to the veil to link in with your bridesmaids and/or bouquet. - 

8. A veil can transform the simplest dress into a stunning Bridal outfit. - 
wow, hopefully!

9. Don’t  forget to take your veil with you when you have your hair trial. 
- not applicable

10. If you are nervous of pressing your veil, ask the store where you bought it if they will steam it a couple of days before the wedding. You can transport it home covered in a pillow case or duvet cover depending on its length.
 - not applicable

11. Don’t wear something because you think you should, wear what YOU want.
 - definitely!

12. Don’t  make a decision about whether to wear a veil or not until you have tried some on  with  your dress.  A long veil can create a wonderful ‘aura’ around you. 
- noted! aura aura aura!

13. Don’t  forget you can have a veil made to measure just as you can a dress.  You can have  the exact length and decoration that YOU want. 
- checked!
14.You only wear a veil once so make the most of it and enjoy it! 
- definitely, agree!

I'm a big FAN of veil. It really boost my confidence level.
(helps to hide your 'back')

and some other copied from HERE

The great thing about being a bride today is that anything goes! Whether you want to do everything traditionally or just choose the style that looks best and suits your personality. The following are a few tips to help you in making your decision.

  • Choose a simple veil and headpiece if your dress is very ornate.

  • Consider the back detail of your dress. If you want to show off the back of the dress, you may want to choose a short veil (blusher or elbow length) a veil with less fullness to it (72″ width, pony veil, or the ballerina headband and side veil).

  • If your gown is very simple, you may want a very ornate headpiece and or veil to attract attention to your face.

  • Or if your gown is very simple and your style is very simple and elegant, you may also want to wear a simple headpiece and or veil with minor details.

  • Be confident in your decision! This is your day. If you feel confident, you’ll beam with beauty. Congratulations!
Happy preparing all!

p/s: Preparing for a WEDDING is exciting but very, very challenging! Every SINGE things from dresses to tiny things like pins has to be well prepared! Oh my...

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