Sunday, February 24, 2013

Of Preps: Dais and MUA



Last weekend me and fiance balik kampung untuk survey and tempah our wedding dais. Takut kalau lambat, melepas (ni pun dah consider lambat). Not to underestimate, I just quite worried takut tak jumpa vendors or bridal boutique yang deco dais seperti yang I idamkan. I don't expect and dream much about dais sebab I tau area I memang susah nak dapatkan bridal yang buat modern dais as found in KL.

On Saturday morning kami survey dais accompanied by my aunt Kak Long. From Kuala Besut to Jerteh, 6 butik kami jejak..satu persatu album dibelek, sadly masih tiada yang berkenan di hati. I did show the pic of my desired dais, some said they can do it but my heart cant say yes as long as I didnt see the real work. I dont wanna scream 2 days before my big day for seeing a dais that doesn't meet my expectation.

In terms of pricing, at my place, dais memang murah, started from 600 pun ada tapi pesen lama. ye pesen dulu2 or yang sarat-sarat tu. :(

I have one targetted butik ni (get to know from iklan in Wedding Mag) tapi on that morning akak butik tu known as Kak She tak free...not to waste time, kami survey from one bridal to another.

Luckily at 3pm Kak She texted me she can spare sometime for us to discuss with her and tengok pelamin2 contoh. These are among Kak She's artworks;

 Credit to Kak She's Wedding
-my very first choice, really loved this one but OVERbudget. 2.5k dais only.
Skipped! hehe

 Credit to Kak She's Wedding

Credit to Kak She's Wedding

Rate of Kak She's dais starts from 1.5k.

What I can say is Kak She is the one we are looking for (we think alike)! She can easily get what I am trying to describe, how I want things to be like. She's very easy to deal with.

Afterall, her dais are mostly in-trend , modern and simple bertepatan dengan citarasa kami. Rasa legaaa sangat after jumpa K.She. Not to think twice, we deposited RM500 for booking fees. We are very lucky to be the last couple for May 2013. All other dates on May-Early June are fully booked - closed. 

Pelamin done (seriously sangat lega). Inspired by the outstanding Arma Couture's dais. 
More or less like this. Inspired je tau tak boleh copy bulat-bulat. if got the same chair....oh!*dreaming*
P/S: even prettier and perfect kalau rumah baru kami sempat siap...hopefully!


First and foremost Iji dah syaratkan untuk cari MUA perempuan sahaja, kening tak boleh diusik/cukur dan no fake eyelashes. Will be obeyed with big smile alhamdulillah he guides me (he always do)

Early this year I started contacting all MUA's suggested by my friends (after live-seeing their make up to other brides). For myself, I nak make up yang give me a natural look. I naik risau bila yang I contact kebanyakannya dah full until June. 25-31 May are hot dates, really! I do asked MUA area Kota Bharu yang mekapnya cantik tapi they only offer make up service for brides yang pilih pakej pelamin/baju and what not from their boutique. Meaning, they don't do make up only during peak seasons. Double headache.

I dah quite give up cari MUA and I decide untuk masuk kelas make up and buy all those make up stuff, do it on my own. Finally lepas jumpa K.She my problem selesai. I taknak fikir banyak , terus je book k.she for reception and bertandang event. I asked for trial make up tapi k.she said she dont do. Hence I totally depends on pictures of x-brides yang k.she mekapkan. I rasa ok, Iji pun ok. Booked!

Credit to K.Sha

Credit to K.She

Credit to K.She
She is Man Kajang's bride. Not sure sapa MUA nya, I took this photo in Abg Man's Instagram acc. 
Kalau sesuai with my face, I wanted to request this make up.

Overall, kami rasa sangat lega dah dapat tempah pelamin and MUA. Rasa berbaloi-baloi balik kampung even for 2 days only (biiznillah). Both dais and make up are vital things that 'play' with dates. Yang lain2 boleh settle sendiri insyaallah. Just for self reminder, after this I need to do the following:

1) Book Khemah
2) DIY Hantaran decor - survey and buy stuffs.
3) Shoes & Tudung Hunting
4) Cincin Nikah for Iji
5) DIY Room decor - got to do some research and go to Ikea. 
6) See the designer for reception's dress.
7) DOORGIFT - buy doorgift and DIY the decor- will be passed to younger sis hehe.

May Allah ease the way. Ameen

Just celebrated my birthday on Feb 23rd.
Pic taken at my kampung - breezy & windy!

Till our next date, take care and have a good day B2Bs! 


TIPS: Survey without having FIXED DESIGN in mind is much more easier. Likewise masa kami pilih warna wedding theme we went to Jakel first, tengok kain yang ada baru pilih warna and terus beli. With that, we just have to choose among those yang available - not fixed to our preferred design/colour. Having pictures of our dream dais can ease the vendor to read our mind and 'feel' our taste. Bring your iPad/Tab/Pictures together when seeing them. 


Diyana said...

dais yg pict 1 tu sgt cantik (^_^)

Ijiyu said...

DIYANA: yes love it, my first choice tho, tp overbudget hehe. ^.^

nia ain said...

Salam yuyu...blh bg contact kak she tu x?

Syu said...

Salam yuyu boleh bagi nama kedai kak she wedding tu x? Xpon bg contact no die..leh email kat saya x. Email saya yuyu

Syu said...

Salam yuyu..boleh tak bg alamat n nama butik kak she tu.or contact no die..leh email dkt Tq yuyu

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