Monday, February 18, 2013

Gloomy Day


Rezeki, early this year Iji got a new job offer (Government) in KL. We both were extremely thankful and happy for this rezeki, alhamdulillah is the best we can say to Allah who knows best. Semua orang kata, rezeki nak kawen. 

Just now I'd made a phone call to the department where he supposed to report duty on March mere asking on details of the course he needs to undergo.

Sadly I was informed that he will be having an all-year-long course starting early March until end of 2013.

Like...what? Seriously?!

Prior to this, we just thought the course is just for 1 month or at most, 3 months only. An all-year long course would mean that we can no longer keep in touch for that very long duration of time. there will be no free weekend or day out unless with certain strong excuse / reason only.

Double sad.

I do asked about leave on reason of marriage, the officer said leave has to be applied at least 1 month before the marriage date; and the duration of leave will be solely depending on the higher authority's consideration. the longest in my imagination, is just 3 days. I don't wanna hope or expect for more.

Triple sad.

No more wedding preps together. There goes our honeymoon dream. There goes our plan to celebrate Ramadhan and Eid together, yet dream to perform tarawikh prayer together. and, many more...............

I cannot accept this but I have to. I don't know what to think of, hence straight away asking for postponement of date (or year?) but Iji insisted to go on. I know his reason and I love him even more for that.

How hard it is, I MUST face this.

I really, really need to build very much of inner strength in myself.

because iji said,
we have to go through this in the name of a bright future.

we just have less than 2 weeks before Iji was 'imprisoned'.

to Allah we leave it all.

at this moment...hilang terbang mood untuk buat wedding preps...Allah...


(●*∩_∩*●) said...

Sabar dear...
setiap apa yg Allah bgi always has a reason :)
chill k :)

Untung future husband u dpt masuk gov..bukan senang tu...btw, jgn sedih2 k ^^

Diyana said...

keje ape tu??
mcm masuk askar pulak rasanya... hehe

Giselle Rosselli said...

Thank you for sharing this! I seriously have been fighting with my Personalised Wedding Website blog for weeks, trying to figure out how to customize it. This has been so helpful!

cik mah said...

sabar ye dear...mesti ade hikmah untuk semua ni..insyaAllah akan ade masa untuk kamu berdua..bersabar ye...

oshinz said...

bersabarla ya dear..

Ijiyu said...

Thanks all...

Bukan polis or askar but something to do with law enforcement.

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